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Gohar Ltd. is a family-owned company operating in Finland. Our vision is to be reliable importer of premium quality provisions like rice, tea, nuts, almonds etc. straight from the best areas of the world.  Our mission is to deliver the best quality to our customers' best moments!

Our rice is imported from the most fertile, purest and best fields of the world. The quality of Gohar Rice fulfills the highest of standards as physical characteristics of grain like shape and size, moisture content, color etc. as well as chemical characteristics like great aroma and texture. 

As a tea importer our connections to the best farmers of tea are wide. Gohar Green Tea is of the highest quality, taste and aroma. 

We also import a large variety of provisions like delicious pistachios, almonds, raisins and other healthy foodstuff for our customers to enjoy. The selection varies according to season.

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