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Gohar Rices

Find your favorite among our variety of different kinds of rices:

9 beautiful 5 kg and 1 kg packages full of taste and aroma! 

Gohar CreamyRice 5 kg
Gohar SteamedRice 5 kg
Gohar Glutinous Rice 5kg
Gohar Jasmine Rice 5 kg
Gohar Japonica Sushi  Rice
Gohar Sona Masoori Rice
Gohar Rices_fox.
Gohar Ponni Rice 5 kg
Gohar Parboiled Rice 5kg

 Gohar Rice is imported from the most fertile, purest and best fields of the world. The quality of Gohar Rice fulfills the highest of standards as physical characteristics of grain like shape and size, moisture content, color etc. as well as chemical characteristics like great aroma and texture. It is gluten free, gmo free and 100 % vegan. Taste it and you'll love it! 

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